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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 447 { Unannounced/ Akihabara 1 Year Since Attack / Over Work -Mental Illness Set Record In Japan } Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 447{ Unannounced /Akihabara 1 Year Since Attack / Over Work-Mental Illness Set Record In Japan }

Finally I am up-to-date with my blog... woo hooo... that took some hard work.


So today, nothing of importance really took place... Except that the Vice principal and the principal came into my grade 6 lesson unannounced. The principal does that occationally, and so does the vice principal. But both of them at once???? Never, unless it is an observation lesson or something like that. I must admit that I was a bit shocked to see both of them... I instantly started to wonder if it was because I was using the computer too much, and they wanted to see if I am doing a good job, enough to warrant me sitting on the computer all day after my classes are over... I know that at work in a general sense in Japan, they don't really like to see the foreigners on the computer all day.... But I couldn't care less, as they aren't many options to the computer....

The kids don't play outside every time, and studying Japanese can get boring after a while. If they can give me a suitable option, then I will gladly do it... that's if they are having a problem with me sitting at the computer all day...... Well actually I don't know if thats the reason why they came in the class, or its was just a random routine check....Anyway, they came in at the right time, because the kids were having fun with me and my antics. The principal was also enjoying it, but the vice principal was very very serious.... Which was unlike him.

1 Year since Akihabara Attack

Tokyo's Akihabara electronics district marked on Monday the first anniversary of a vehicular and s
tabbing rampage that left seven people dead and 10 injured. Tomohiro Kato, a 26-year-old former temporary worker, has been charged with running down pedestrians with a truck in a vehicle-free shopping section last June 8, a Sunday, and fatally stabbing passersby with a dagger after getting out of the truck. Bouquets,paper cranes and message cards were placed at the intersection where the rampage took place. "Please rest in peace," one message said. Numerous passersby said prayers at the site of the rampage. Hiroshi Yuasa, 55, a taxi driver who was seriously wounded in the attack, visited the intersection early Monday and laid flowers.

Over Work -Mental Illness Set Record In Japan

A record 269 people received workers' compensation for mental illness due
to hard work in fiscal 2008, up one from the year before, according to
a survey released Monday by the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry.
Of them, 66
either committed or attempted suicide. Although that figure fell by 15 from the previous year, it was still the second highest number since the ministry started keeping records. All but four of the 66 were men, and 24 of the total were people in their 50s.

In this category, 93 percent were men and 38 percent were in their 50s, followed by people in the 40s at 31 percent. Figures for those who committed suicide or died due to overwork remained high. There were 889 applications filed from people claiming to be suffering brain- and heart-related illnesses, of which 377 received workers' compensation. Of them, compensation was paid out for 158 after they died from brain- or heart-related diseases, including stroke — the second highest


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave...something wrong with this days blog (Day 447). The sentencing do not wrap and just simply disappear. Check it out.

davay colly said...

Tanks Richard, jus sort it out... It look a little strange but readable..