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Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 454 { Teaching Special Kids / Small Reggae Night } Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 454 { Teaching Special Kids / Small Reggae Night / Aso's Popularity Waning }

So there is this 1 special kid at my main school, who I have to teach English every now and again. He gets double teaching because I have to teach him with the grade 3 kids as well as at a time designated for him only.... Even though my job is ridiculously easy, teaching this special kid is even easier... He has a teacher assigned to him alone and what we did for the first session was get him to call some of the stuff on the cards... He knew words like baseball, volleyball and football. But words like paragliding and kayaking were a little too difficult. After getting him to call some of the words, guess what we did??? We played football!!!! the 3 of us just passed the ball to each other and occasionally the help teacher guy would go in the goal and make the special kid take a shot.

After work, I briefly entertained a reggae enthusiast from the Friday English conversation that I attend... I showed her some videos and some pictures.... She was surprised to know that Japan had such a huge reggae fan base...And even worst is that she is from Osaka, and most of the videos I showed her were filmed in Osaka... She had no clue that these stuff were going on.

I then went to the Tuesday English conversation thingy where this Japanese guy who studied for 6 years in the US, was doing a presentation on his recent trip to India. After this, I went to a brief reggae night thing that another reggae enthusiast in Niimi was keeping. All they were doing though was playing reggae music and chatting....3 Japanese girls were there getting drunk as ever...... The Reggae music loving guy (whose parents are the owner of the bar) and his friends were trying very hard to make Jerk chicken, but sadly it was wayyyyyy off :(

So, the current prime minister of Japan's popularity is getting less and less and less.
A Kyodo News weekend poll released Monday found 38.5 percent of voters voicing support for the Democratic Party of Japan, compared with a record-low 19.8 percent backing Prime Minister Taro Aso's Liberal Democratic Party. Asked what party they would vote for in the next House of Representatives election's proportional representation blocks, 47.8 percent of the pollees named the DPJ and 18.7 percent said the LDP.
In the portion of the poll on who is more suitable as prime minister, DPJ leader Yukio Hatoyama garnered support from 50.4 percent, while Aso was backed by 21.5 percent.

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