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Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 453 { Starting Japanese Classes Soon/Many Eating } Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 453 { Starting Japanese Classes Soon/Many Eating }

Went to my landlord after work today to pay my apartment fire insurance....My landlord then invited me to a little barbecue thing which will be at his friend's place....

After paying the fire insurance, I met with this Japanese guy who runs a cram school... He said he is willing to tutor me Japanese for free...The problem is that, his schedule and my schedule, don't go too well... And his best days are on Saturdays.... Which is possibly my worst day.... I already know Katakana and hiragana... And can wrie and read them.... But Kanji now is a whole different business. I am also trying to improve my conversation skills.... I use this site occationally to study kanji -> http://www.kanjisite.com/html/start/jlpt/4/all/index.html

In the night, my landlord came to pick me up then took me to the barbecue with his friends.... the youngest guy there was between 38-40.... and the average age group was 52.... What the heck am I doing hanging out with a bunch of 50 add year old guys??? Who when I tell them I am ready to leave, they want me to stay longer because I make them laugh...???? Anyway, the main thing is that I got a whole lot a food that I didn't have to pay even I yen for.... I ate beef, chicken, sausage, loads of vegetables etc etc etc... and even when my stomach was over full... These guys kept eating and offering me more food?????? I cannot understand their metabolism at all... One of these days, maybe early next month, I am going to

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zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

This post ended abruptly Dave...it says "...one of these days, i'm going to" then nothing.

What's up with that?