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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 533 { Meeting For September 11 Concert } Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 533 { Meeting For September 11 Concert }

Had to park my car at a new spot at this school today, because they are doing some re-furbishing, and putting on an alarm system. I hardly see the reason because none of these schools have ever been robbed or anything of the sort.... But I guess preparing just in case, is a good idea. I was then asked by the Tuesday English conversation leader to go to a planning meeting for the September 11, peace concert, where I should perform. There is some sort of committee or club for planning International events and so forth, and the English conversation leader is on this committee.

I however had plans to meet a friend long before I was asked to attend this possibly impromptu meeting. If it wasn't impromptu, then any way you look at it, I was kinda told late. I however managed to go to the meeting only for 30 mins and I saw where this September 11, event is actually world wide..... here is the site http://www.septemberconcert.org

A small picture of me is in a newspaper that is advertising the event all over Japan. After my 30 mins in the meeting and not understanding 85% of what was being said, I had to go meet my friend.

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