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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 556 { Japanese Shaken } Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 556 { Japanese Shaken }

I called my bible study leader today to ask her if she could follow me to get my car... So she came and followed me to the mechanic shop... The mechanic persons actually asked a friend of theirs to come and help translate for me as well .. but that wasn't necessary....

Another ALT here was also getting her car checked because her shaken (a mandatory car inspection fee that all car owners in Japan has to pay every 2 years) was going to expire pretty soon. This thing is almost like what we would call car fitness in Jamaica. She got her car for cheap but thats also because the shaken was due soon..... And apparently her car had a whole lot of issues that she wasn't even aware of. When the mechanic guys told her of the car issues and how much she has to pay... She flipped.... Well yeah I would get upset too...

Eventually they made a deal and she will purchase a second hand car from them that would end up valuing less than the price to fix the old car???? But yeah that was the best they could do for her...

After I collected my car, I went to purchase a new chair, because as I mentioned yesterday, these chairs here are giving my back a warm time....I squeezed the chair inside my car then drove back to my apartment.

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