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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 324 { Observation } - Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 324 { Teacher Observation }

My groin area was still aching this morning but I had to go to this Friday school very early today because I am supposed to attend an ALT observation at the school where I play soccer. Instead of going to this school at 10:00 I had to be there by 8:20 and the first class started at 8:30. I had 3 back to back classes...The grade 1-2 class I taught about stationeries like pen and pencil etc...At the grade 3-4 class I taught about family like mother and sister etc...and at the grade 5-6 class, I taught about occupations like farmer and doctor etc... At the grade 5-6 class, the Japanese home room teacher wasn't there, so the principal had to sit in... All he did was watched and didn't say a word. He was dying with laughter though and he seemed to have enjoyed it. So essentially, I was the home room teacher and the English teacher. So every now and again I had to be utilizing the very little Japanese I know.

After the classes, I had lunch then rushed off to the other elementary school to watch one of the ALTs here get observed by about 40 other Japanese teachers. Of course the ALT was a little nervous and the Japanese teachers were far more nervous but it was an interesting lesson nevertheless. Its the first time I am seeing so many Japanese teachers at 1 setting. Me and 6 other ALTs were at the front of the class where the grade 6 kids should come up to us and ask us some simple questions....Questions like "What game do you like" and "where do you live" etc etc... The kids seemed shy at first but later they got over it. The head of the Board of Education was also there along with this other big wig Japanese education person from Kyoto. There was about 4 cameras in the room videoing. Three of us ALTs did a short presentation about our countries... Me, the guy from Zimbabwe and the other guy from Canada. I found out from this presentation that the largest waterfalls in the world ( Victoria Falls ) is in Zimbabwe.

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