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Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 336 - { Calm Down B4 You Get Me Into Trouble !!! } Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 336 - { Calm Down B4 You Get Me Into Trouble !!! }

Today I went to my furthest school and the English coordinator (who hardly speaks English) asked me if I can attend a sayonara ( goodbye) party. She asked because my supposedly next time at this school, could be my last for the year and we don't know which ALT will be at what school coming April. I told her I'm not sure if I can make it... She then proceeded to ask me why I wasn't sure (I hate these why questions)... so I told her that my cousin died and I maybe heading back to Jamaica for his funeral, hence today might be my last class.... She then told the vice principal what I said... Then both of them came to me and asking me what dates im going to miss etc etc... I was trying to tell them that I wasnt sure about all this but they insisted on asking me a whole lot of questions....I was hoping that they would keep their thoughts to themselves but they were jumping all over the place...while I was saying to myself...how do I stop them now??? ... they then called my main school ...I saw the English coordinator on the phone making the call and I just couldnt do a thing... apparently my main school told her that they knew nothing of the sort... And I kid you not...in the space of 2 minutes after this teacher got off the phone, my company rang my cell phone... YES!!! my main school had already called my company about the issue..

I didnt answer my phone and went on to teach a class...But I checked the message and called them back afterward... The acting manager guy or whosoever this new guy is, said that he heard that I am telling the teachers that I am going on leave... I explained to him that I did no such thing, but simply told the English coordinator that I WASNT SURE!!! and she went ahead and started calling around... the manager guy or whosoever he is then said I should try not to mention anything at all to anyother teacher about this matter...Because if it reaches the Board of Education..then I might be in some trouble....Because the Board of Education dont want us talking to the teachers about these stuff. I then told him that chances are if 2 schools know, then all the 5 will eventually know in no time...He then told me that we should hope that this doesnt happen...

I called a travel agency to check the potential price of my ticket if I was to get the leave... the lady said it would be about ¥99,000 or US $990... 2 way... this is a very cheap ticket... I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get the leave and the ticket...

Unnu pray fi mi..


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave...all you have to do is say "A joke....I will make it"
And when u nuh show up...a just so.

Anonymous said...

Jeezum crime...it commin like everyting turn drama wid dem ppl here... I cant even imagine things being that way in Jamaica. Jus pray and go thru yaa, God is gonna work it out.


Anonymous said...

Bwoy these ppl are crazy. A few weeks ago me loose me pair of indoor shoes, so me go mek de mistake and tell one teacher. In a matter of minutes the lady called all my other schools. Next ting me know ppl see me pan road a ask me if me find me pair a shoes. ONLY IN JAPAN.

シャーリー said...

I've had the same thing. One innocent conversation in broken japanese/broken English and the next thing you know, the company phone call! Boy! It all gets forgotton about in a week though!