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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 342 { Are You For Real?? } - Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 342 { Are You For Real?? }

As I said yesterday, I accidentally told my company about my little mistake with booking the ticket back to Jamaica. And the half acting managing consultant guy told me that he will have to speak to the branch manager. I didnt even know that we had a branch manager and he is Japanese. When the half MC guy called me back, I asked him some questions about our branch of the company and how things work there... He said that after the main managing consultant (he is from Australia) stepped down to become a head teacher in the area, his post has been split in 3. The new guy is the one that deals with Human resources and ALT business (he is from the USA), another person deals with Training and ALT business (he is from Canada) and another person sorts out our pay (she is Japanese).

Any way, I told Mr. New guy about me 3 tight options:

1) To cancel the ticket, miss my cousin's funeral and lose 30,000 yen

2) To cancel the ticket, lose 30, 000 yen and buy a brand new ticket

3) Ask for 1 more day leading me back to request the original 9 days...

The guy said the manager said, that the company would prefer to give me the 30,000 yen cancellation charge and make me purchase a new ticket...They always have a BIIG problem calling the board of education...So they would rather give me 30,000 yen than to simply ask them to give me 1 more day... HE said that I should call the travel agent to see how much the new ticket will cost. So I called them and they said that the new ticket will cost a whopping 300,000 yen because I got a special ticket and those are finished now.... I called my company back instantly and told them what the travel agency said.... The new guy then said he will get back to me as soon as possible... When he got back to me, he said the branch manager said they will have to build a story to tell my board of education (tell them a lie) about the travel agency making the big mistake and I realised while on my way to the airport. I told them thats fine with me...They are the ones telling the lie not me. And thats a normal thing for them I think.

So I completed my packing now and should be on my way tomorrow morning. Pray for me as I go.


lucie said...

safe travels dave.....and a lie is a lie whether you say it yourself, or indirectly by endorse it by ommission:))))))

anyway waiting to see wur blog about the funeral and a copy of you tribute

Shanelle said...

well seems things have worked out

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave...no matter how u a say bout is dem telling the lie...is you ok it - lol.

Anyway...how comes since u reach Jamaica u nuh update the blog?