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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 387 { New Contract / WHERE ARE MY TIRES??? } Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 387 { New Contract / WHERE ARE MY TIRES??? }

I taught a new 1st grade class today, where the kids were all seeing me for the first time... As soon as I got in the class, there was this grand excitement and this one kid started shouting on the top of his voice ..."WOW HE IS BLACK!!!" in Japanese... Then a few kids started to follow him...Aaah the backwardness of this area is unreal...They never cease to a amaze me.

I got my new contract today, and after taking so long to get my contract...they misspelled my name... Can you believe that??? After working for this company for over a year they still cant spell my name properly???? I remember telling them at least twice that they always misspell my name on their letters to me....Not only that... I saw where they cut off some money from my pay.... So I immediately sent an email to the new supposed to be half boss guy... He responded by saying that he was really sorry and embarrassed about my incorrect name spelling and that the pay thing was another error... He said I should mark out the wrong letter in my name, then initial it..as well as they well send another contract with my corrected new salary...

I went to smile service (the company where I purchased my car) and told them that I need my tires to change from snow tires back to the normal tires that I had.... The lady at the place then asked me where are my normal tires????????????? I tried to tell her that I went to the Okayama Mazda place yesterday and they told me that they (smile service had my tires)...The lady then called Okayama Mazda and told them some stuff that I didn't understand... She then came back to me and told me that I need to pay ¥23,000 for a set of new tires... I almost started talking Jamaican patois to her and almost asked her "if shi lik har head some weh" (translation ... if she hit her head somewhere). I ended up asking her WHY!!! in Japanese... Why should I pay for new tires when either they, smile service or one of their dealers, Okayama Mazda ... had my tires... I was starting to get really upset, so I called my company and explained everything to them... Eventually, smile service ended up giving me 4 tires and they told me to go back to Okayama Mazda to let them put them on... A lady from my company then called and asked me if I remembered who told me in November that I should leave my tires at Okayama Mazda... I told her that I don't know the name of the guy but I know his face...I then told her to call back smile service and ask them if I am going to pay for the tires that they gave me...Just in case..... She then called me back saying that its a second hand tire from another car and I don't need to pay for them....

The million dollar question is....WHERE ARE MY TIRES????? The lady from my company then said maybe I got the car with some Old snow tires and so Okayama Mazda probably kept them then disposed of them..... I then told her that then apparently that means that I bought the piece of junk for a car, with OLD TIRES .... And I paid so much damn money for it..... So I was basically subtly robbed through my teeth by either my company and/or smile service and/or Okayama Mazda.... Then the worst thing to top it off now was that... the same lady from my company called me back to say she remembered telling me that I should have kept my tires with me after they were changed....and keep them in my apartment.... Then she started hinting that maybe I still have my tires somewhere in my apartment????????????(WHAT) I told her that even if she told me that... I did not take her advice, and the Okayama Mazda place kept my tires.... As to what they did with it, remains a mystery... I told her that I want to stop dealing with these 2 companies because they seem like highway crooks to me....She then started to defend smile service saying that they are very kind, and if my car should break down on the road, they will help me out.... I told her point blank that I will avoid them at all cost... I told her that I will go to Okayama Mazda to change my tires then that will be the last time I plan to have any dealings with them...

I then went to Okayama Mazda and the same guy who told me in November to leave my tires and also that they can't find my tires... started apologising... I asked him if my first tires were old snow tires....and he said he doesn't remember.... I then sat and waited for about 45 minutes for them to change my tires....during this 45 minutes...A Japanese guy came there and started talking to the car dealer guy... He was asking him if I could speak Japanese...the guy then told him no I don't seem to understand Japanese.... I then turned around and said in Japanese... "Yes I understand it a little but not very well".... The men paused for about 10 seconds while staring at me with their mouth's wide open, and were looking astonished that I understood their Japanese conversation....

Any way, after that, the car dealer guy told me that the bill was ¥4000 instead of ¥2000 because my car needed to balance....and they went ahead and balanced it for me..... I was tempted to tell him to unbalance them back and I would get it balanced elsewhere... Because I did not ask them to balance my tires...They did it without my consent then asking me to pay...WHY????


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

"As to what they did with it, remains a ministry... "

I think u meant to say "Mystery" Dave - lol. Man dem dash whey your tyres obviously. Next time, if u have to give up anything that u have to come back for, you must get a receipt so that when u come back, u present the receipt.

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave - that thing about listening in on their Japanese Convo is HARD!!! I've always wanted to do that - bap bap - mek di man dem know that you UNDERSTAND and dem fi GO EASY -lol