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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 492 { Bahamas 2 - Atlantis Paradise Island / CBYF Ball } Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 492 { Bahamas 2 - Atlantis Paradise Island / CBYF Ball }

My friend Horatio took me to the Wyndham hotel for the conference this morning. After the morning worship session, we went to some workshops .... some of the titles include:

Heal the World - > dealing with Christian's responsibility to care for the Environment

Mission - Yes even you can - > dealing with missions and reaching out to others in need

Youth Ministry 101 - > how to effectively reach out to youths

Gadget Gospel - > How we can use technology to spread the Gospel

I went to the Youth Ministry 101 and the Gadget Gospel workshops. This youth pastor name Dave Burrows http://daveburrowsministries.com/site/ did both of the workshops that I went to. He used to be a drugs dealer and was a wanted criminal before he became a Christian... His presentations were really good.

Unfortunately I could not stay for all of his second presentation because a couple of us were heading to the famous ATLANTIS on Paradise Island in the Bahamas!!! It has actually been voted to be the best and most beautiful vacation spot in the world. A couple buses took us to a point, then we had to take a boat over to Paradise Island... Did I tell you I hate boats??? Anyway, while we were on the boat, our tour guide was telling us a whole lot of stuff about the tiny islands and the houses that we were sailing pass... We passed about 5-7 massive cruise ships, to which he said that area is the biggest docking port in the Caribbean. He also showed us one of Nicholas Cage's house, and a property that belonged to "Mrs." Elton John. The property had 2 big fishes on the top of it !!! ....

The tour guide said people like Operah Winfery, Scottie Pippen, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordon, all have properties on or some where near paradise island. We then finally got to Atlantis on paradise island and started the tour of the beautiful property. The owner of Atlantis is a South African guy name Sol Kerzner... But our tour guide said that Donald Trump also have shares in the property. Atlantis is AMAZING!!! The sea creatures and the art and everything about it, is just nice to see.... This video is a short glimpse of the tour


After the tour, we went back to the hotel and in the evening, we had a mini ball thingy. I did not get to stay for long because my friend was coming back to pick me up for a couple of us to go out in the town. The ball didn't start on time, as a matter of fact, nothing started on time while in the Bahamas... If you think Jamaicans are bad with time, check out the Bahamians. Anyway, before, I could get my food at the ball, my friend call me and we went out. We met up with his Romanian friend and her other friends.

It was an interesting night out....

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zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave....you spelling continues to be the source of laughter. Who is "Operah Winfery" - lol
Oprah Winfrey - that's how it's spelt - lol

That thing about Mrs. Elton John and the 2 fishes on the roof is funny as hell - rofla