Day 519 { New York 1 - Lots of Food } Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 519 { New York 1 - Lots of Food }

My cousin Leroy, dropped me at the airport... I had to struggle with the three bags to go to the line, then I called my sister. She checked me in and my 2 bags on the plane...I got to New York at about 12:30...

When I got to New York, I went through customs almost seamlessly... This is what I like about New York...They maybe ask 1 or 2 questions and then let you through... Well that has been my experiences there, with or without my sister. At the airport, I was waiting for my friend Gregory for a while but I was a bit away from where he was also waiting for me... He eventually realized and called me down to the A section of the pick up side of the airport, because I was at the C section.

We were on the road for a while then we ate some stewed peas at one of his friend's house. Shortly after this we went to Olive Gardens with another of our friends. So I was really full at the end of this day.


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