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Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 524 { Peace Concert } Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 524 { Peace Concert }

Went to a company meeting in Okayama city this morning, where some Japanese police came to speak to us about traffic law amongst other stuff...The policeman said there is over 1000 bicycle theft per month, or something to that effect...And also that Okayama city has one of the highest accident rates in all of Japan.

In the evening, I bought some new pillows as well as a toaster oven. I could not believe the state of my old pillows after leaving them in my apartment for 1 month....They were full of some strange white fungus looking stuff.... I disposed of them instantly when I saw them...... I think its the humidity that causes it...

I then met up with this lady who I saw sometime last year when I just got to Japan, before I had Internet...... While in Jamaica this summer, she somehow found my skype address and added me and we were keeping in contact while I was in Jamaica. I met up with her, as well as the host for the Tuesday English Conversation classes and another guy who is supposed to perform at a concert on September 11.

I was asked by the Tuesday, English conversation host about a month ago if I could perform at this peace concert in my home town on September 11... I said yes, and then he asked me for pictures of me performing so they could make a flyer.... I supplied the pictures and he showed me the flyer and asked my opinion.... I thought it looked a bit strange to have me as the only performer on the flyer, when there will be several other acts, so I asked if someone else could go on the flyer as well..... However, for some reason or another, I was still the only one on the flyer... Its no big deal though...

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