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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 504 { Jamaica 10 - Meet Jamaipanese, Anika And Core University Friends } Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 504 { Meet Jamaipanese, Anika And Core University Friends }

My sister borrowed my car this morning so I took public transportation to Half Way Tree. This is the first time since like December 2007, that I can recall using public transportation in Jamaica. I got to Half Way Tree, then took a taxi to New Kingston.

I then met my blog friend Kelroy the author of these blogs:

- A blog about Japan

http://www.jamaicapage.com/ - A blog about Jamaica...

We met at the emancipation park and chatted a little. After a while, a man of unsound mind came by and was talking some foolishness to us... I assume that he used to be brilliant because he was saying some stuff about Harvard... He then started to get very annoying, so we moved away.... Me and Kelroy spoke much about Japan and his dream to go there some day... and about the Japanese persons who he made me meet.

I eventually followed him to the NCB towers and I tried to call 2 of my former class mates Suzette and Kevin, but their phones were just ringing ringing... I then went to the Japanese embassy to collect some information about the J.E.T. program that I oh so want to be a part of. But alas, they said applications won't be out until October and interviews will be in January and February... .... Which really means that, if I really want to go in the J.E.T. programme, I would have to stay in Jamaica for at least 9 months... which is not a feasible option at the moment.

After the embassy, I visited my high school friend Anika at her workplace... We chatted for a while then I met my former university classmate Andrew and his wife, at his workplace. I drove with them the Burger King in a community known as Barbican, then I followed them to the house where they live also in Barbican....While there, my other friends came along and I finally met Toni who actually lived in Japan for 2 years in Saitama or Sendai... I keep confusing those 2 places. Toni is at a level 2 in JLPT (this has nothing to do with the labour party) which is a Japanese competency based examination.... I am probably at a level 4 or at most 3.5... If I had some classes to attend in my area I think I would be at least at a level 3... But that is non-existent in my area... I am yearning for a structured Japanese class. The one that I normally attend, is not structured, I have to tell the teacher what I want to learn...

Anyway, we chatted and had fun at Andrew's place but sadly, they are still living in the past!!!! I fell asleep and they put toothpaste on my face... which was a common practise years ago when we used to study here back in 2005 and before... I thought we were all big people now and grew pass this stage :-) ... I was so waiting for someone to fall asleep so I could get revenge.... But that did not happen...

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