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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 493 { Bahamas 3 - Marching Through/ CBYF Concert } Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 493 { Bahamas 3 - Marching Through/ CBYF Concert }

Marching Through
Horatio dropped me to the hotel again, and we were getting ready to go to a march through some inner-city looking areas. We stopped at a place where some guys were playing cricket. Yes cricket, I never heard Bahamas and cricket in the same sentence before. Anyway, we stopped there for a while... and the place was hot and humid... afterwards, we started our march, it was about 500 of us marching through the communities with banners etc etc.... The march lasted for about 45 minutes then we stopped at a park. Here is a clip of when we got to the park http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoaVGP284aE

After being at the park and doing all sort of idleness, the rain started to pour.... I mean some serious rain. I think everyone got at least a little wet. The buses then came for us to go back to the hotel.

About 4 or 5 of us then went to my friend Lance's room and chilled out for a while... And tried to dry off our clothes. This is when I started to write my poem based on the theme of the conference "Stomp pun di enemy" (Stomp on the enemy)... My poem name would be " wi a stomp" (We are stomping). I was writing the poem, not knowing if I would get to perform at the concert this evening, dubbed "The Victory Concert" . While writing the poem, I started to develop a writers block....so I asked my friend Derri-Ann for some ideas. She gave me some ideas then I was through with the poem.... I slept a bit, then I started walking with our new friend from Guyana name Jerome, towards the concert area.

CBYF Concert
At the concert, they told me that I am supposed to perform, but I didn't know exactly at what point. I don't like to perform at the start or at the end...So I was speaking to the coordinator guy and he kept putting me off....When I realized that he seemed unsure as to where I was to perform, I went to him and told him that I don't sleep in the hotel and I stay at a friend's house, so if he could allow me to go up soon, that would be greatly appreciated. So he told me to get ready because I would be going on next....Around the back stage where I had to go talk to this guy, was a bunch of other performers waiting to go on... And he kept putting them off as well.... So finally I got to go up... I performed "wi a stomp" and "Jesus a come back soon" .... I cant recall the last time I did a performance... so this felt really good... Especially because the audience seemed to like what I did.... The last time I can recall performing was maybe in December last year or January this year at a church event in Japan.

Here is the clip of my performance at the Concert in the Bahamas


I think the concert ended maybe 12:30 am midnight or sometime after that... I had to leave though before it ended...

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