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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 494 { Bahamas 4 - Leaving Bahamas / Back to Jamaica } Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 494 { Bahamas 4 - Leaving The Bahamas / Back to Jamaica }

Today I missed the morning service because me and my friend were totally knocked out. So as soon as we got up, we headed for the airport. Before that though.... A female friend of mine, who I met in Jamaica in about 2003, came and stopped by... We chatted for a while but the time was too short, and she had to go.... Hope to see you again soon Indira.

I really must thank Horatio though for hosting me in the Bahamas... A good friend in deed. I remember him telling me that while he was working for a year in a up scale area of Miami, Florida.... He was doing some event - coordinating for some big wigs... He said he got a whole lot of subtle and not so subtle racial discrimination from some rich guys.... I had no clue that this kind of stuff happened in Miami...

Any way, he dropped me to the airport and I hurried to catch the flight which was packed to its capacity. My sister's friend pulled me out of the line and checked me on the flight. It took maybe 1 hour and 30 mins to get to Montego Bay. We then changed planes and headed for Kingston. My sister and mom then came to pick me up in my car. When I got home, I unpacked and went straight to bed. So in all, it took 5 planes for me to get to Kingston, Jamaica.

Evaluating Nassau

Nassau is one of the most beautiful places I can recall seeing in all my travels.... but there are parts of it with inner-city areas like anywhere else I guess. Its filled with tourist and people getting drunk at nights.
I have an overall good impression of The Bahamas, and I would go back there any time. But there are some things that I didn't really like:

1) The people at the wyndham hotel didn't treat us too well...For example, I paid US $6 for food and I should have gotten a drink with it.... Only to hear a guy come and say, "sorry the free drink with food is done!!!, and you have to pay $2 for a new drink" ????? What the heck???? and this is what they did to a couple of persons...I did not get upset or anything, I simply went for some water... Ohh and at the Ball yesterday, someone told me that they asked the waitress to change a drink, and the waitress was giving her some bad attitude....

2) Nothing is on time - I mean Jamaicans have a bad reputation with time, but trust me.... The Bahamians make us look good in this category... If everything was running on time, I would not have been so hungry yesterday when my friend came to pick me up :)

3) Bad drivers - The drivers in the Bahamas are probably not worst than the taxi men (Especially the Spanish Town -> Ocho Rios Route), the executive bus drivers or the (down town -> Waterhouse) route minibuses in Jamaica.... But they come close... they will drive out on you while approaching an intersection or a corner.... They just drive out without even looking properly...Ohh and guess what??? Drinking and driving is totally legal in the Bahamas!!!... this was a new culture shock for me, as in Japan, there is a ZERO Tolerance
approach to persons who drink and drive.... You can even get deported and/or sent to jail.

So I really enjoyed this trip no doubt... I want to go back to The Bahamas, as soon as I get the chance to.


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave - whoever tell you about Drinking and Driving is allowed is madness them talking.

It is on the book that it's illegal. Maybe they don't enforce the law BUT it is illegal in Bahamas.

davay colly said...

hey and you know that is at least 3 people told me that it is legal