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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 525 { Setting Up Again } Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 525 { Setting Up Again }

Went to the bank today to Lodge some money to my loan Account in Jamaica then to the 100 yen store to get some stuff. I then paid my rent and my Landlord treated me to lunch. While having lunch, I saw one of the kids that I teach at the restaurant, with his dad. His dad is not like the average Japanese who would stare and/or hold down his head after saying hello... He actually speaks to me whenever he sees me....His son is usually talkative at school and always showing me stuff... But suddenly he is acting shy while his dad is around..... I promise you that, every single one of the students that I teach will act exactly like this when they see me outside of school.

In the evening, I finally got my luggage with my food, but unfortunately, I syrup that I had in it was leaking out... And it leaked on a few of my biscuits and buns :( But everything was fine otherwise. So I re-stoked my apartment with the Jamaican stuff. I know that they are going to be finished in no time though......... In the evening, my landlord took me to dinner...

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