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Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 512 { Jamaica 18 - Random Japanese In Jamaica } Wednesday, August 13, 2009

Day 512 { Jamaica 18 - Random Japanese In Jamaica }

I visited my good friend Ronald today in a community within Portmore known as Portmore Pines. We chatted about his recent trip to Guyana and about a bunch of other stuff...

I then dropped him to work and I went to a Place name Clock Tower Plaza in Half Way Tree. I however parked about 10 mins walk away from Clock Tower plaza at a another plaza name Tropical Plaza. Because I didn't know exactly where the place was in Clock Tower Plaza that I wanted to go to... So I parked and walked it there. When I got there by foot, I noticed that I didn't have my phone, which I needed to use to call this guy for directions to his shop... Ohh boy,

So I had to walk back to my car because I left the phone in there. While walking back, I noticed that an Asian girl was walking in front of me... And this Bus conductor (One of those who always shouting on top of their voice "Town Town" while 3/4 of their body is hanging out of the bus)... said "Miss Chin weh yuh seh Town??" (Hey Chinese looking girl are you going down town?) .... When the lady said no, he proceeded to say "Konnichiwa" I almost rolled on the floor with laughter right there...... I then walked up to her and said " Sumimasen, nihonjin desuka?" .(Excuse Me, Are you Japanese?)... she said YES!!! with a verrrry shocked look on her face.... So I told her that I worked in Japan and has been teaching English there for the past 1 year and 4 months... She she is from Nagoya in Japan .... We spoke for about 3 minutes then we had to go our different ways...

Anyway I went for my car and this time I drove to the Clock Tower Plaza and parked beside there... When I was walking towards the area, I saw my friend Carlton Baker and we chatted briefly... Then a man came up and said "Oiii deh sah, is you park yuh car yah suh?" (Hey sir, was it you who parked your car here?) ... So I told him yes.... He then told me that the cost was JA$100 So I told him I will pay when I get back......


Stewart said...

Quick question, is it safe to talk about modding your psp on your blog?

Just a thoguht

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

It is safe...he's modding his PSP. Nothing to it. He's not breaking anything BUT his warranty.

Dave - mi nuh know bout any paying to park in Clock Tower Plaza...it suppose to be free.