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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 506 { Jamaica 12 - UCCF Link up at Alicia } Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 506 { Jamaica 12 - UCCF Link up at Alicia }

Stayed in all day today then went to Andrew's house in the evening... I then went up to my friend Alicia's house where we had a UCCF (University And Colleges Christian Fellowship) Link up... Some of these guys I haven't seen in ages. We all spoke a little bit about where we are in our lives and we played some games and I told them a little about my experience in Japan.

Oh I miss this kind of stuff..... The Japanese would say "Natsukashii" which means Nostalgic.
In Japan its totally different.... There are no Jamaicans nearby to laugh and chat and play games with...... My friends in Niimi, Okayama are cool, just that I tend to feel left out on some of the topics that they choose to talk about....

Ahh it was a good link up tonight.... After the link up, I dropped my friend Lance to his place in Stony Hill... Then I drove home.

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