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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 514 { Jamaica 20 - Visit From Sheree And Evadne } Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 514 { Jamaica 20 - Visit From Sheree And Evadne }

Today, I again stayed in all day again... But my cousin Sheree and my friend Evadne from University and who lives in my community of Waterford, Portmore ( AKA GAAZA ), St. Catherine, Jamaica ..... visited me...

Sheree said she will be going to Atlanta next week to do some exams... While Evadne, (who is actually here visiting home from China where she is studying) told me a whole bunch of stuff about China... She said to hold any sort of Church meeting in China is considered ILLEGAL.... And you can get deported for keeping Church... She said a French pastor who has been living in China for over 10 years was deported recently.... she said they have to hide and keep church underground sometimes... WOW!!! I couldn't believe that this stuff is still going on...

Unlike the stereotypical shy Japanese, the stereotypical Chinese aren't so shy... Evadne said, they will come up to you and touch your skin....And some will just come and take photos of you no questions asked...She said that parents will even send their kids to come and tak photos or to come and ask questions....This would never happen in Japan...Oh and there is racism there as well.... I am now of the opnion that racism is everywhere.... Just some place worst than others.
She also said that poverty is widespread in China.

Trust me some of these things were shocking to me.

Richard, :
1)shi did drive South coast because we had to pick up some people in St. Elizabeth.

2)Is not clock tower I parked, is one likkle place beside clock tower...

3) Good 1 about taking away the PSP ... LOL ... I want to know how him duh it though... Him did a hide it from mi....

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