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Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 523 { Heading To My Apartment } Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 523 { Heading To My Apartment }

Woke up at my friend's apartment again, just like when I was heading for New York, from Japan. She drew a map for me to get to the train station, because it was about 10 minutes by foot from where she lives. Now it was time to head out with my heavy stuff on the road, with random Japanese people staring me into oblivion. It took me about 45 minutes to get to the train station because :

1) my stuff were really heavy and hard to manage

2) I made a wrong turn somewhere... which is not new to me in Japan by no means.

I then went to a convenient store and withdrew some cash, and I finally now feel like a normal person again..., after taxing my mom in Jamaica, and taxing Gregory in New York...I will NOT make a trip like that to Jamaica again...Next time it will be different...Actually next time maybe I will be going home for good who knows... I really felt at home in Jamaica and it was reallly GREAT!!! Even things seem a little rough there, its home....

Anyway, I got to Umeda Osaka and wanted to take the 10:50 am bus back to my home town Niimi, which would get me there by about 2:30.... But the lady said that bus is FULL!!! Everybody, going home from summer vacation...The worst thing is that the next bus to my town would be at 3:50 pm...and would get me home at 7:30.... The plan was to wait on this next bus but I decided to take another route by going to Okayama city by bus, then take the train to Niimi... It would cost a little more but thats fine with me, I can now afford it :) I got to Niimi at about 4:30 and my friend came to pick me up.

Yow Richard,
when mi spot Francois in NY, di man have two big bags in him han dem and him drop dem same time... and mi shout out BOMBAAART!!! inna di mall ... lol Yeah man him and him wife kriss... Him seh shi pregnant now... And him also said them him running him own little Computer security business in Barbados..

Yow yuh know seh mi neva did even a realize bout di money thing... I never normally walk without money but this time mi was really depending on the card...and Japan fail mi in dat regard bwoy... I promise you nothing like that will happen again...

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