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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 407 { Video Shoot / Soccer Disaster } Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 407 { Video Shoot / Bad Soccer Day }

After work today, I went to re-stock my apartment again because it was PAY DAY!!!! ... Afterwards, I went at the Board of Education to do another video shoot. This time with one of the Board of Education Vice Presidents (who is a good friend of mine) and a cute Japanese girl that works in the Board of Education Office. The video shoot went pretty well and it only took like 45 minutes this time....This video shoot was about the local dialect (Niimi dialect / Niimi ben), that no Japanese person outside of this area understands...worst me..

After the video shoot, I went to play soccer...and today was possibly the worst day I had at soccer in Japan... It was a disaster...Firstly, I didn't even score 1 goal...This is probably the first time in the 1 year that I am playing soccer in this gym that I haven't even score a single goal...

Secondly, the ball gave me a real unexpected, hard hit at the side of my face... This happened when a guy from the opposing team, gave the ball a powerful kick, and I didn't even realize that he was going to kick it in my direction... and ooh boy did it connect at the side of my face..... And the worst thing, is that, its not one of the normal soccer ball, but a futosol ball which is a little harder.... The hit wasn't all that bad though, the sting of it wore off in a couple of minutes...

After this, I missed a very easy goal that even now I can't believe I missed....Then while running for the ball shortly after, this guy bumped into my shoulder really hard, and it felt as if it was dislocated.... I ran off the field instantly with excruciating pain in my right arm... I swore it was dislocated or something, because that kind of pain, I have never felt in my arm before..... The guy was running behind me and apologising but I could hardly hear what he was saying.... The guys on my team then attended to me and did all manner of stuff to my arm will twisting it etc..... The pain eventually subsided and they sprayed some cold spray (magic spray) on it...

And with all of this, I still ran on back to play, but I think I was more of an obstacle than anything else... Maybe I really need another 1 week or 1 month break......

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