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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 417 { Akihabara, Tokyo / More Games / One Love Concert Second Half } - May 10, 2009

Day 417 { Akihabara, Tokyo / More Games / One Love Concert Second Half }

Left out with Masami from Ochanomizu at about 10am... And we were heading to a place in Tokyo that has many electronic and game stores and anime stuff everywhere....This area is known as


and its like 5-7 minutes walk from her apartment. While we were going there, a very very big festival in Japan was going on, known as KANDA Matsuri and is in the top 3 largest festivals in Japan... This thing has been happening since 1603 and is held every 2 years (odd number years). While in the crowd of people, I was surprised when I saw this Japanese man who was in something like a brief and holding a child said "Rispek mon".... I stuttered in shock and replied saying "Rispek rispek boss" Rispek (Jamaican Patois) = Respect (English)

Here is the video clip of the Kanda Festival

After watching the festival for a while, I decided to look around this area in Japan where there are tonnes of technology store outlets... This area is the Otaku (Nerd) centre of Japan...... And it is sooo wrong to bring me at a place like this..... I didn't even know where to turn my head... Its just a big clash of:



beautiful Japanese girls and

Japanese animation stuff...

If you really like even 1 of the above, then Akihabara can be a difficult place for you.... And the more of them you like, the more difficult it will be for you if you come here....
I however refuse to comment on how many of them I like :)

Anyway, I ended up going to a popular store in Japan name sofmap and bought 4 Playstation 3 games :( .... They are

Blade Storm
Dark Kingdom
Resistance 1
The Elder's Scroll 4 - Oblivion

Then while I was heading back to the One Love festival, I thought that the train ride back to Okayama is going to be long... And I would like something to occupy my time...So silly me with little self control when it comes on to technology stuff and games, turned back and bought a PSP :( :) I am almost 100% sure that if I was in Jamaica, I would not have done anything like this... I did say ALMOST 100% sure...While I was in one of the stores, I met this American guy who has blondish rasta hair... He was playing Kill Zone 2 in the store and said that its pretty good but think it would be better on a PC... I told him that I need to run away out of the store because I don't want to spend all my money... He then said he need to do the same thing as well....

After essentially wasting my money on these stupid things, I went with Masami to yoyogi park... We watched a few acts to conclude the one love festival at yoyogi park... One of the acts was a bunch of Half Japanese and Half Jamaican children dancing on stage... Here is a video clip of it...


Usaine Bolt's signed sneakers was also being raffled here...

Ahh I can't stop thanking Masami for her kindness and willingness to follow me to all these places from yesterday... I ended up leaving yoyogi park at about 3:30pm... Me and my other Jamaican friend who lives in Hiroshima.... We took the train with Masami to the Tokyo station...then me and my Hiroshima friend took the Shinkansen (Bullet train) back to our different cities... While on the shinkansen, I opened my PSP and started playing Final Fantasy for the PSP. I got to Okayama city at 8:00 am... So the train took exactly 3hrs and 30 mins.... The bus would have taken 10 hrs and I heard that a plane would take about 2 hrs.... Anyway, I got off the train before my friend who was heading for Hiroshima but I would get to my apartment later than her......Thats because of how deep in the country of Japan I live... I ended up reaching my apartment at 10:45 pm. 

Ohh Richard... I forgot to write that the Brazilian guy who I should have met, actually called me back on the same day to say that he was just coming back from Korea with his family.....and was apologising... Hiss teet.... But as you said, maybe if he was around, I would not have seen the cool dolphin show and stuff that I saw.

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zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Yeh man....dem Japanese girl deh pretty.
I have Kill Zone 2 Dave - Me and Stewart used to say the same thing about First Person Shooters (FPS) on Console BUT this game MHAD!! Stewart bought it in Fort Lauderdal. Just turn down the sensitivity and you good.

I can just image the technology place u went - head spinning and all.