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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 409 { Video Editing For Garmex Teacher's Day / Bar B Q } Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 409 { Video Editing For Garmex Teacher's Day / Bar B Q }

Today, I started editing the video clips that I did for my last workplace (Garmex HEART Academy)...They asked me a couple of days ago to create a little video, in Japan where different persons were wishing them Happy Teacher's Day...I think teacher's Day will be May 6, in Jamaica... I actually enjoyed doing this video editing thing, and it wasn't as hectic as I thought it would have been. Some of the video clips, I took from last year when I just got here, so those who follow my blog, may see them already... But most of the people at my old workplace don't, so it will be like novelty to them I think...

The BOE guy who I did the video shoot with on Thursday, invited me to a little family bar B Q thing at his place...I met his 5 children as well as some of his neighbours... He actually invited more ALTs, but I was the only one available this weekend... most other persons is either gone to Osaka, Tokyo or where ever..... I should be going to a prefecture called Kyoto this coming Tuesday.... I should have gone there since December but, things just didn't go as planned....Kyoto is one of the old capitals of Japan...

Yes so I ate to my hearts content and spoke with the guy's children for a while... It was a good little Bar B Q.

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zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Bwoy Dave - sound like it getting ruff to up date the blog - keep it going though cause I feel like i living in Japan because of the blog.