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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 347 { Back In Jamaica 5/At My Church/Don't Stay Out Too Late In the Gaza } Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 347 { Back In Jamaica 5/At My Church/Don't Stay Out Too Late In the Gaza }

I went to my church today and afterward, greeted some of my old friends and church brethrens and sistrens. I then visited a deacon at my church who suffered a heart attack recently. His daughter and son-in-law kept asking me about Japanese girl friend business and about if/when am I comin back to Jamaica to re-settle. I kind of dodged the girl friend questions but told them I am not sure about when I am actually going to come back to Jamaica and re-settle. The job situation is a bit rough there plus at nights in certain areas, inclusive of my home town, can be dangerous I was told.

Later, I went to the movies with my sister, her boyfriend, and one of my friends to see Slum dog Millionaire......Again... I already watched this in Japan, even though watching it a second time, sort of made me understood it a little better than the first time. After the movie, I dropped my friend home and stayed there for a while chatting. My mom and sis then started to call me to say that coming into our area at certain times is not a wise thing... Because I heard that a popular Jamaican dancehall artist by th name of Vybez Kartel, who just happen to be from my home town in Waterford, started some sort of feud in the area. Now, I get a little angry when I hear things like this because, as much as I love my home, friends and family, its not encouraging to go back in these situations. Especially since where I live in Japan is super safe and crime free as far as I know. I am yet to hear about a single crime in my neighbourhood in Japan. But Japan ain't home, and there is no where like home really. Aahhhh life can be confusing. My hometown Waterford, is even now given the name GAZA... Yes Gaza that same place in the Palestinian area where there is constant civil unrest, fightings and killings. I have never seen anything like this in my community except for a few fights and a gas riot some years ago... Ohh and occational gun shots are heard probably once or twice a month....sometimes less, sometimes more. Maybe since I left, things got a little worst...

Bwoy Luciana, I am also having a hard time believing that Andre is actually gone... But whether we want to accept it or not... He is no longer here :(

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