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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 359 { What? My English Is Good? / Season 2 First Shoot } Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 359 { What? My English Is Good?/ Season 2 First Shoot }

At the school today, the teachers were again telling me long time no see??? I have missed this school for even a month sometimes and they don't say that. The teachers at all my schools so far, are also asking me if I am going to stay at their school another year... Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question as I have no control whatsoever over where I will be placed...We wont even know that until probably a day or 2 before classes resume... That decision has to do with my Board of education and my company...The vice principal at this school said they really really hope that they get me back again this year...At least 2 schools told me that already....Well that makes me feel good within myself that they actually enjoy the crazy things that I do....

One of the grade 1-2 teachers decided to tell me that my English is good and that she enjoys my Tv show...Well, I personally think that I am not all that good at the queen's English but what the heck...I am an English teacher!!! And thats the Language that I speak.... What do you mean by my English is good? Not only that, but this teacher hardly speaks any English... So how does she know that my English is good??? Again, this maybe because many Japanese people only associate English with America, England, Australia and New Zealand. Jamaica???? Whats that??? How much does it cost? Is probably easier for some of them to identify with in these parts of Japan.....

For the grade 3-4 class today, I didn't really teach. But instead, the camera men from my show came to shot a scene at this school... The scene took about 1 hour and a half to do... The kids were even starting to get a little restless....initially they were very nervous infront of the camera men. The show today spoke about some famous sites in the area where the school is located...The kids would say some stuff in Japanese, and I would say its equivalent in English.

The so called famous things are:

1) A weird shaped mountiain known as arato Yama (Mount Arato)
2) A shrine in the area
3) Golden fireflies bundled in a location (see day 118)
4) A beautiful plant known as suzuran (A lily of the valley)

The teachers were being unusually friendly and kind today, maybe because this was my last class for this school term and they don't know if I will be teaching there come April......A couple of grade 1-2 kids also came up to me and gave me an origamy paper bird thing... When I was leaving, all the teachers stood up, bowed several times (Jamiacans please to take your minds out the gutter) and gave me the nod and told me they really hope I come back there this April... I like this school but its just too dangerous if heavy snow falls... Outside of that I am ok with it...

I remember a friend last year said the nice face and good treatment will last only for 6 months...And She was adamant about it...I think in a general sense, all my schools were pretty nice to me throughout the year as far as I can remember. Except once at this same school today, when a teacher fanned me away when I asked her to help me with something.... She seemed very busy though but I mean....you could have been a little more polite....

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