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Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 355 { Heavy Luggage Left In California } Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 355 { Heavy Luggage Left In California }

While on the 11 hours flight to Osaka, Japan... I was reading a book entitled "When God Doesn't Make Sense" ..... Its basically talking about so many things that happen in life that we cannot explain. Even during the bible days ... Example when an evil, corrupt king like Manasseh of Judah (possibly 687 – 642 BC) could live for so long with little or no problems, while Uzziah who was attempting to do good by hold up the ark of the covenant, died because of his disobedience. It spoke of many other instances as well....The book also spoke about how the author`s four (4) close friends died in a PLANE CRASH!!! I was like "Why did I have to read about this while I am in a PLANE"!!!?? .... Ohh Stephen Henry, if you still read my blog, it is your book that I stil have sinse 2006, and I am just reading it.......

The flight went pretty well though with very little turbulence thank God, because I cannot deal with the turbulence business. We landed at about 3:00 pm in the afternoon on Monday. While coming out of the plane, I think I heard my name called over the intercom again.... I was like "oooh boy I hope that wasn't my name, WHAT NOW!!!".... But what are the chances that you find another Dave Collymore going to Japan???? yeah 0%....... I kind of ignored it though, until I went to collect my luggage and only received one...I then heard my name on the intercom again...So I checked with a customs person and they said that one of luggage got left in California.... I explained to them that the flights were way too close so maybe that's why.....,... I then filled out some sort of form to say my luggage got left.... I wasn't worried or anything because that one was too heavy along with the other stuff I had. They said I would get the luggage on Wednesday night... They then took me to the customs area...The Japanese guy asked me only 1 question "Why come Japan"... and I said I am English Teacher.... He didn't even search me...he just said go on.... I then searched for an ATM and a Japanese police just randomly came up to me to ask me for my passport. I showed it to him and he was asking me what schools I taught at in OSAKA... I told him I don't teach in OSAKA but OKAYAMA...He then asked for the names of the schools... I told him them, then he apologised for disrupting me and went away.... Now why did this man choose me out of everyone else...I could make assumptions, but let me not....

Afterward I went to the ATM, then took the airport bus to Umeda - Osaka which took about 1 hour, then another bus from Umeda - Osaka to Niimi, which took about about 3 hours 30 mins
.... My friend then picked me up to take me to my apartment...

So lets trace back my journey:

My house >>> Airport in Jamaica - 45 mins
Jamaica >>>> New York ---------- 3 hrs 30 mins
New York >>>San Francisco, Cali -- 4 hrs 30 mins
San Fran >>>> Osaka airport-------11 hrs
Osaka airport > Umeda-Osaka ----- 1 hr
Umeda-Osaka> Niimi --------------- 3hrs 30 mins
Niimi >>>>>>> My apartment ------ 10 mins

About a full 1 day and 25 mins

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