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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 352 { Back To Jamaica 10 / Leaving Jamaica For New York } Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 352 { Back To Jamaica 10 / Leaving Jamaica For New York }

I had a 6:30 pm flight today, so I stayed and chatted with my mom for the day... And guess what??? I finally got the internet in my house since asking for it from last week Friday. I thought that with the global recession, and how things are rough on the companies now, they would at least give me the internet a little quicker. I finally got it the day when I am going to leave... I guess that's the reason why people call the company sour LIME (Land line, Internet, Mobile and Entertainment) . My supervisor from my last job in Jamaica, visited me and we spoke for a little while. She said she is on vacation leave but things have gotten a little more hectic at my last job.

My cousin then came for me and my sister to take us to the airport. I kissed my mom goodbye and this time she wasn't crying which I am happy about. At the airport, I bought some food from a Jamaican fast food chain called Island Grill... I got Jerk chicken and festival (a Jamaican food made from flour, and some other stuff). I noticed that inside the airport had a better look... It looked a little more like the airports in the US, but a whole lot smaller. We took the 3 hour flight to New York and one of my sister's friends came to pick us up. We got out of the customs area at the John F. Kennedy airport at about 10:30 pm.

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