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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 351 { Back To Jamaica 9 / Meet With Pastor / Buying Jamaican Stuff/Meet More Friends } Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 351 { Back To Jamaica 9 / Meet With Pastor / Buying Jamaican Stuff/Meet More Friends }

I went to mall in my community again. This time to meet my pastor in KFC. We chatted for a while and as many people has been asking, he too joined the lot to ask when am I coming back to Jamaica to re-settle....That question is difficult to answer in this current Global recession. The only way I would go back to Jamaica and re-settle now is if there is a job there waiting on me or if something else happen that require me to go ad re-settle. Otherwise, I think Japan is the best option at the moment. I was telling him a bunch of stuff about my experience in Japan, the good the bad and the ugly. I gave him a kaido (a sticky package thing when rubbed together, makes heat) and he was having difficulty understanding how it actually made the heat... Well I don't know how it makes the heat either, it just does.

After we chatted for a while, I went to the supermarket to buy some Jamaican stuff. Stuff like bun, bread, biscuits, banana chips, plantain chips, supligen (a milk based energy drink like ensure in the US) etc etc... That is either too expensive in Japan or extremely difficult to access, where i am in Japan. I was supposed to meet another friend but my schedule was too tight so I had to cancel that meeting. So I picked up my sister at the mall then went home to start packing. After packing, I drove to a community known a Cherry Gardens to meet up with some other friends. The directions that my friend Donna gave me, was a little off, so I ended up making a wrong turn... I then had to call someone who lived at the house where I was going, for them to give me directions. I eventually found the house then a couple of my friends started to trickle in... A couple of us met up, ate, chatted and played games like TABOO and GUSSTURES... Ohh it was so much fun... Ahhh I miss this kind of thing really... But if I come back to Jamaica, everyday won't be like this I guarantee...

Richard, a whole heap a time pon John's Road di man dem block it and a ask fi money. Bout rumours...hiss teet


Vany said...

A hokkairo is actually a small packet of metals. These metals, are primarily iron, which when exposed to air, oxidize very quickly. It is this oxidation reaction that produces the heat. A faster reaction would produce more heat, but would exhaust the iron. That's why these are sealed in air tight packaging when you first buy them. Many Japanese dont know how they work either. :P

Anonymous said...


Sorry I missed that link up Dave. didnt know about it till that day. By the way my church is just off John's Road. Bad stuff happen but I have never witnessed any of it, and its really not as often as it sounds

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave....what year was that? Them block road and ask you for me??? WHEN!?!? - 1992?