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Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 354 { Yes I Live In Japan / I Almost Missed My Flight } Sunday, March, 8, 2009

Day 354 { Yes I Live In Japan / I Almost Missed My Flight }

I left out at about 5:30 am with my sister and her friend to go to the airport. I went to the United Airlines counter to get my 2 plane tickets using my printed E-ticket paper thing. My sister gave me another suitcase thing to take to Japan, because I had too many things to take with me... But guess what? Both of them were overweight... They should be 50 pounds each but one was 52 and the other 54... The check on luggage guy gave me a bly with the 52 pounds but he said I need to take some stuff out of the 54 pounds bag... My sister took out the syrup and gave me some more stuff to put in my carry on luggage....The lady who was checking me on to go to California then Japan, took my passport and apparently she didn't believe that I currently reside in Japan... So she started to stare at me with a weird look... Then she asked if I have some sort of card to prove that I actually live in Japan. Luckily, I always travel with my Alien Registration Card in the front of my laptop case so it was there at my finger tips. I gave it to her and she was still looking bewildered for some unknown reason... she then asked me if I knew the language and I told her yes.... She then gave me one of those hypocritical smiles and told me to have a good flight... It is the first time someone has actually asked me for this card since I got it... I asked my sister why did the lady need proof, when the Japanese visa was already in my passport... My sister then said its apparently because I am black.

I then took the 4 hr and 30 mins flight to San Francisco. At San Francisco, I needed to catch the other plane to go to Japan. However, The ticket from San Francisco to Japan did not have on the terminal number that I should go through... The worst thing is that I had only 30 minutes to find that out and rush on the plane.... I asked a guy and he said I should head for gate 100 and that I should really hurry.... I walked and walked, looking for gate 100 but it was no where to be found. I started to ask questions and the people kept telling me that I am heading in the right direction so I should continue walking.... Then I suddenly had only 5 minutes to get on the plane... I heard someone mentioned over the intercom that it was the final boarding call for a lady who should be on my flight (UA 885) ... I started to rush with my heavy hand luggage and an Asian lady met me and asked if I am to go on flight UA 885. I told her yes and she made a call on a telephone and gave them my name... I asked her where the heck is gate 100, and she said its down stairs and I should hurry. I rushed down stairs and saw gates 102 and 101.... Where in the world is gate 100??? I went over to a lady at gate 102 which was taking on some passengers, but that flight was heading for China... I asked the lady where is gate 100 and she said she dont know but maybe its UPSTAIRS ????? Yes Upstairs where I just came from where the asian lady told me its down stairs...... Right there in my panicky state, I heard over the intercom "FINAL BOARDING CALL FOR DAVE COLLYMORE".... I then whispered a prayer while I was sinking deeper and deeper into despair....At this point, all sort of things started rushing through my mind....stuff like, I am going to lose my job, I am going to be broke, I dont know what to do when I head back to Jamaica, how am I going to get back the stuff I left in Japan etc etc etc.... Then I turned and look behind me....... and there was gate 100.... I rushed to give the lady my ticket... Then rushed on the plane. While I was searching for my seat, a Japanese lady asked me if I wanted to change my seat... I told her no and I am ok....she then asked the man who was seated 1 seat away from me if he wanted to change his seat...and he concented... This was also the first time someone was asking me if I wanted to change my seat...I dont know why she asked. I basically spent the entire Sunday on the plane...It took 11 hours from California to Osaka... Iread a book to occupy my time.

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