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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 349 { Back To Jamaica 7 /RBTT Credit Card Bill?? / Meet With Friends } Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 349 { Back To Jamaica 7 /RBTT Credit Card Bill?? / Meet With Friends }

Met one of my friend's near to a place in my parish (St. Catherine) called Central Village. We went to a bank known as RBTT (Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago) to sort out some stuff.... I am still trying to understand this bank that I have a loan with... I noticed that I saw about 3 credit card bills from them at my house in Jamaica.... However, I don't have a credit card with them, which is a cause for concern... they even started to apply charges to this credit card that I didnt know about????? So I went up there to query this matter.... The lady told me that PROBABLY they GAVE me a credit card when I opened up an account for my loan??????? WHAT!!!!!!!! They said not to worry now because the supposedly credit card account is now closed..... I have never heard something like this in my entire life... I asked another lady why the heck was I given a credit card account that I didnt even approve in the first place... and she told me some crap about because I am a good customer, they thought that I would be interested...... What BULL.......Is it the global recession that is causing this bank to do this????

Anyway, me and my friend then went to pizza hut then stopped at Hellshire then I dropped her at a police academy in a place called Spanish Town. I then drove to the Jamaica Baptist Union Office for a short meeting to help plan for the Jamaica Baptist Union Youth Department 25th Anniversary. Even though I am living all the way in Japan, I am still on this committee and I am still the Immediate Past Chairman and Im cool with that..... I stayed in the meeting for about an hour then met up with some more friends at the same pizza hut that I went to earlier. The customer service at this place is very poor I must say. Even earlier when I went there with my other friend, the lady that was cleaning the table, actually accidentally or purposefully, wiped the table and let some of the dirt fall on my pants. Anyway... I had fun telling the guys a snap shot of my experience in Japan... They were laughing to tears.... Especially when I told them about using the school Japanese style toilets.... We left there about 11:00 pm or sometime after that....I was again warned about coming into my community at that late time.......While I was driving home, the road was EMPTY....

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Bjorn J. said...

yeah most banks tend to do that when u get a loan...give you a credit card in order to help "good customers" build credit with the bank. This just means that they want you to keep giving them money as long as you live and work!!! lol

but on the real they supposed to ask you first...